Right So,

How Does This Whole Fibre Thing Work?


Your Interest.

Before we install fibre at your location, we need to know
if you want fibre. You don’t pay us for this. You only pay your Internet Service Provider to connect you to that fibre.


What You Need.

We’ll provide a list of various Internet Service Provider options you can choose from so that they know what you need, once we’re done “planting” your fibre.


Getting Fibre Ready

We’ll start arranging the installation of your fibre – where we’ll have to come do some trenching to get your fibre cables planted underground. Please be patient with our team.


Enjoy Your Fibre

Once we’re done with our side of things, your Internet Service Provider you selected will then get in touch with you to connect your home or office to the internet.

Where We’re “Planting” Fibre.

For Business and Residential fibre.

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